Michele Frazier Tips to Calm an Out of Control Classroom

Every job has it’s good sides. Those good sides are the only reason why we choose to pursue the career, right? On the other side, every job also has it’s negative sides that just happen to come with the job. For example, a basketball player would pursue the career for the fun and enjoyment of playing the game and the negative sides that comes would be unruly fans and stresses of being a star on the court. I love my job as a teacher, but one of the negatives, such as with basketball’s unruly fans, would be the unruly students in the classroom.

If you are a new teacher and you are just getting your experience in this highly impactful field, you are not going to always have the best of days. How do you deal with misbehaving students? What if the whole class is chaotic? Let’s start from the beginning and work our way through together. First and foremost, your students have to know you mean business. If it’s time for them to go to lunch, but they are out of control, let them know they aren’t going anywhere until they are acting like decent human beings. Quiet and orderly. If this takes 20 minutes, that’s not your fault, it’s theirs!

Talk quietly. Your students know you’re in control, but they will test you to know if you know you’re in control. If you speak loud while they are speaking loud, they will always win and get louder. That is a battle you can’t win. Make a conscious decision to not yell over your class. Speak softly so they are forced to quiet down to listen to your instructions.